Which are Expressly Cited, either as Predictions Fulfilled in Him, or Applied to Him in the New Testament.
First and Second Series (see note below)

Index - First Series

The First Series Describes Christ in his human nature, as the promised Seed of the Woman, in the grand charter of our Redemption, Gen. 3:15; and his pedigree, sufferings, and glory in his successive manifestations of himself until the end of the world.

  1. The Seed Of The Woman
  2. Born Of A Virgin
  3. Of The Family Of Shem
  4. Of The Race Of The Hebrews
  5. Of The Seed Of Abraham
  6. Of The Line Of Isaac
  7. Of Jacob Or Israel
  8. Of The Tribe Of Judah
  9. Of The House Of David
  10. Born At Bethlehem, The City Of David
  11. His Passion Or Sufferings
  12. His Death On The Cross
  13. His Intombment And Embalmment
  14. His Resurrection On The Third Day
  15. His Ascension Into Heaven
  16. His Second Appearance At The Regeneration
  17. His Last Appearance At The End Of The World

Index - Second Series

The Second Series describes His Character and offices, human and divine.

  1. The Son Of God
  2. The Son Of Man
  3. The Holy One, Or Saint
  4. The Saint Of Saints
  5. The Just One, Or Righteous
  6. The Wisdom Of God
  7. The Oracle (Or Word) Of The Lord Or Of God
  8. The Redeemer Or Saviour
  9. The Lamb Of God
  10. The Mediator, Intercessor, Or Advocate
  11. Shiloh, The Apostle
  12. The High Priest
  13. The Prophet Like Moses
  14. The Leader, Or Chief Captain
  15. The Messiah, Christ, King Of Israel
  16. The God Of Israel
  17. The Lord Of Hosts, Or The Lord
  18. King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords